Elizabeth and Sara pose during a recent taping of Sara’s Secrets on the Food Network.

When Sara takes a break from her 5 full-time jobs, Sara loves to play with fire! So, the Girls bow to this Barbee-Q-Babe. Sara was unnecessarily modest about this latest honor, generously crediting Elizabeth with teaching her all she knows about grilling, “If anyone knows about gals and grilling it is Elizabeth Karmel. Everything I know about grilling, I learned from her.” Yes, it is true that Sara and Elizabeth go way back and have grilled together on many an occasion in all kinds of weather! But the real reason that Sara is a Barbee-Q-Babe is because she has been able to take all her indoor cooking talent and apply it outdoors!

Sara MoultonSara’s unique ability to see, and taste food and then re-create it (and teach it) is what makes her so popular with food professionals and home cooks alike. Though she uses both gas and charcoal, she loves grilling over live coals with her brother on weekends at their country place. Sara is an enthusiastic griller and loves just about everything grilled but is partial to foods that benefit from longer cooking times like a whole duck, traditional ribs, and slow barbecued cabbage! Check out her show, Sara’s Secrets on the Food Network, nightly at 7:00 ET, for great recipes on and off the grill.